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Help! I Get Trapped In Mysearchdial Toolbar

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I have no idea that how Mysearchdial Toolbar appears on my Chrome. It always pops up when I open my browser. I want to uninstall it from my computer because it is so annoying.

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Hey, I have the same problem in my computer!!! Although I use another browser like Firefox, this toolbar still interferes with my browsing activities. :cry:

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Hey, Guys. Mysearchdial Toolbar can messes up IE, Chrome and other browsers in reality. My brother who works as a computer technician says that Mysearchdial Toolbar can be removed easily.

Go to Chrome setting page-> Extension->Clicking Recycle Bin icon to remove mysearchdial toolbar.

Select Settings again->Click on Manage search engines in the Search option->select Google and click the Make Default->Move your mouse to in the Search Engines list->Remove it by clicking the X button. So you can set back your search engine that you like.

Select Settings again->Look at the Start-up option->Click Set pages and set a new URL as your default homepage.

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