Remove Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C Virus Manually

Published September 9, 2015 by Marlin Spencer

Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C Virus Information

Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C is a Trojan Horse that is reported by many famous security tool. This Trojan attempts to download lots of additional programs to target computer and drop junk files. This Trojan mainly aims at exploiting system leaks. It will seek system vulnerability on some software and insert some malicious codes to the computer via the system weakness.

Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C contains many variants, and each of them possesses specific characteristics. But those variants all have a same purpose, which is slow down the PC performance and capture users’ sensitive information. We know that Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C enter to target machine by using the drive-by-download technique. Normally, the designer of this malware uses this malware to spread many malicious malware.

Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C malware can hide in the computer without being removed by any famous removal tools, which is very intrusive. And the corrupted files can damage the computer deeply. Other variants may reset the browser with the usage of webkit techniques. Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C may link the search results to suspicious web pages which present ads. So, please be careful with any suspicious pop-ups or websites. To remove Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C, you can try the following instruction below.

Step 1: Restart your system into Safe Mode with Networking

For Windows XP, Vista and 7 users:

1. Restart your computer and keep hitting F8 key on your keyboard before Windows loads

2. Move your arrow key to highlight Safe Mode with Networking and then press Enter

For Windows 8 users, please watch this video:

For Windows 10 users, please watch this video:

Step 2: Delete Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus in the registry

Before performing this step, you should know that the registry is the database of the Windows and the most important part of your Operating System, any slightest mistake will result in severe problem. So if you′re not competent in the computer, you′d better not try this manual removal. Instead, you can use this recommended malware remover to remove Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus.

1. Hold Windows and R keys to open Run

2. Type in regedit and click OK

3. Search and delete all registry keys of Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus


Step 3: Delete Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus files in hard disk

1. Show all hidden files and folders in your computer
Open any of your folders

For Windows XP users:

  • Click Tools and then click Folder Options
  • tools-folder-options-xp

  • Click View tab, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click OK
  • show-hidden-files-folders-drives-xp

    For Windows 7 and Vista users:

  • Click Organize and then click Folder and search options
  • organize-folder-and-search-options-windows7

  • Click View tab, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click OK
  • show-hidden-files-folders-drives-win7

    For Windows 8 and 10 users:

    Click View tab and tick Hidden items option

    2. Delete these malicious Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus files

    C:Documents and SettingsLocalServiceLocal SettingsTemporary
    C:Documents and SettingsLocalServiceLocal Settings

    Please be careful that Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus can frequently update its version and change its file code, manual removal does not guarantee a complete removal of Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C virus, for Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C often comes together with other malicious malware. To save your computer and hassle, it′s recommended that you get this trustworthy Automatic Virus Removal Tool to remove the virus:

    Removal assistance:
    If you are having problems while performing Backdoor:MSIL/Sisbot.C removal from your computer, please ask for assistance in our malware removal forum.

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